How to do authentic marketing

Online marketing starts with the ambition to get started. After that, it’s about perpetual motion. In order for your business to thrive, you must drive your business every day.

Authentic marketing is the number one strategy to grow your business organically. Digitally targeting your customers is the ideal way to reach them individually. In a buzzing and fast-paced environment with a constant flow of information input, the most important task is to find a personal approach.


Personalization and authenticity are two elements that mark key ambitions in today’s online marketing.

The goal of authentic marketing is not just to lead an effective sales talk, but to transform it into the digital sphere and add a dash of personality to stand out.

Users actually strive for more personality from companies and less impersonal, automatized serviced.

Chat bots may be on the rise, but they sure aren’t a popular or effective way to reach your audience.

Real people, real business and real ideas are integral parts of a long-lasting online marketing strategy, that will set you apart from everyone else.

Building a personal relationship with your customers, however, takes time and trust. Trust, in turn, drives revenue. You want your customers to go to your page and think – this, this exactly, was written specifically for me.

There are many ways to create a user experience that is not just personal, but also specifically taylored to your customers. The ability to receive insights via various apps such as Instagram or Facebook, can help you understand your customers better.


Here are three ways to create a more relatable and personal approach to your customers:


Create an online community

After determining your target audience, have your customers participate in an online community. This involves getting the audience to tell authentic stories. This could be encouraged by giving your customers a real brand experience through using videos. Videos will help you gain maximize reach, engagement and results, while encouraging your online community to share them as well. Nowadays a brand’s reputation is determined by what consumers tell each other it is – not what the brand tells the consumer itself.



Blogging is probably the most effective tool to drive organic traffic. In order to create quality content that is keyword optimized but unique, you can effectively boost engagement and visibility. Give your customers a personal experience by creating content with intrinsic relevance and valuable advice. Content is king!


E-mail marketing

E-Mail marketing starts with correctly addressing your customers, continues with distributing interesting content and finishes by knowing what your customers want before they do. E-mail marketing can be a powerful tool if personalized and paired with SEO-relevant efforts.


In short, effective and personal digital marketing can help you reach audiences that you otherwise would have never connected with.

If you embrace authenticity, your customers will generate buzz and help you to sure-fire success in driving audience engagement.