How to stand out in a saturated market

What can you do to stand out in a saturated and competitive marketing world?

How does a business stand out in a crowded market that’s flooded with marketing services and products? Each and every day, it seems there is a new trend, a new strategy and new people looking to stand out and be unique. Here are some tips on how to make your dent in the marketing world in innovative and lasting ways!

1. Be personal

We mentioned this before in our article on how to do authentic marketing. Believe us – it’s still true. Personality stands out. Everybody is trying to be the best and they’re trying to be the best as quickly as possible, forgetting that there are actual people sitting behind the computer screens. Focus on authenticity, trust and long-lasting relationships with real people. They will provide you with valuable insights into what it actually is that they are looking for – and turn you into a better business.


2. Don’t forget about offline marketing

Every once in a while, we should all go back to the roots. In our extremely digitalized world, we want to continuously spark creativity in new ways. We suggest: spark them in old ways too! This is mainly because cohesive marketing can’t just be online – so we should actually strive to include offline marketing strategies as well. Ironic? A little bit. But effective.

Why not send out a newsletter in printed form instead of spreading it virtually like everyone else? It’s personal, unique and kind of quirky. We love it.

And by the way: at artdirection4u, we practice what we preach. Just two months ago, the entire team came together and prepared a little Christmas box filled with self-made cookies, candles, teas and more, for every single one of our customers. An innovative, personal and offline gift of appreciation.


3. The effectiveness of long-form content

Don’t just focus on the latest trends, focus on lasting trends. One lasting trend includes genuine, well-researched and engaging content. Even though many people are overwhelmed by the available content online, long-form content is still relevant. It allows you to provide more value and information that exceeds a particular word count. Platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn limit your word count. However, having the ability to write long-form blog posts, gives you the chance to offer advanced material within one topic, to then fill the different channels.


4. Stay relevant

In a fast-paced and thriving world, it’s important to always stay up-to-date and to be an expert. What are people talking about? What’s new? Staying on top of things will increase your intelligence, creativity and brain power.


5. Videos

Do you have a short attention span or simply don’t like reading? Doubtful – otherwise you wouldn’t have made it till here. Either way – videos and short clips under a minute are still on the rise and perfect for people who are on the go. A definite trend to actually stick to!


In short – in order to stand out, create a clear approach, a solid strategy and execute creativity. Combine the old with the new. Be unique, be personal and be an expert in what you do!