NEWS: Media support at 4th UNWTO Congress

At the 4th UNWTO Euro-Asian Mountain Tourism Congress, artdirection4u ADVERTISING was present as the media agency, covering certain aspects of the UNWTO with film and photography.

Berchtesgaden, Bayern. At the 4th UNWTO Euro-Asian Mountain Tourism Congress:, Medial support was assumed in order to cover the presentation on mountain tourism and sustainability mobility. The presentation was concluded with a panel discussion with several renowned personalities in the fields of tourism and politics.


The forum mainly focused on the topics of sustainable tourism and future mobility. The panel consisted of Mr. Karlheinz Jungbeck, ADAC Board, Dr. Schuster from the BMW-Group, Mr Veit Bodenschatz, CEO of Bayrisches Oberland LCC and Mr. Manfred Pletzer, CEO of the Pletzer Group.


Mr. Jungbeck sees a lot of potential for all market operators in the sustainable approach to mobility.

„Perhaps certain modes of transportation, such as trains, will experience a

Renaissance […]

but one thing is highly probable: the car will maintain its place in the mix of

transportation means.

Cars might come with a different kind of engine and will serve as

autonomous, self-operating transportation.

A car will in most cases not be a possession, it’ll be treated as a temporary tool“,

according to Mr. Jungbeck’s vision of future mobility.”



The entire performance, including the panel discussion, was filmed by artdirection4u. After the conference, interviews were conducted with all panelists for closing remarks.


We would like to express our thanks to the everyone involved