Here’s why



Many of us would like to have emptier inboxes.
Emptier inboxes would mean less work but also less income.
Empty inboxes are an illusion for business people, marketers, owners.
Inboxes are part of our daily lives.




Users check their inboxes about 20 times a day on average.
Effective, modern, creative email campaigns do still work!
Using this knowledge could boost your sales, ROI, and turn leads into paying customers.


You’ve probably read or heard about the discussion all around email marketing. The point that newsletters or campaign emails don’t enjoy the same opening rates as previously is surely true. At the same time it is true that each business owner, office worker, marketer, influencer, blogger etc. work their email accounts up to 20 times a day. Every single one of them is your potential customer.


The distribution of smartphones (statistics say, that there are 3.3 billion smartphone users in the world today – in other words: in the world of wireless, 42.63% of the world’s population own or use a smartphone) has increased the efficiency of email marketing campaigns. According to recent studies, 75% of users check their emails on the go!


So regardless of your product or service: most of your leads will spend most of their day on their smartphone. So wouldn’t it make sense to apply that knowledge and send quality content right to the screens of your potential new customers?




I wouldn’t use the words: easier said than done here. Because all it requires is well planned out content and delivering a user experience and quality problem solving content to your users. You have to find the thin line between annoying and not trust worthy to elegant, interesting, smooth and an individualized user experience.


Most importantly – you need to build a relationship of trust with your customers. People buy from brands they trust. So if they’ve trusted you once by buying your product or service, make them trust you again and carry that through the whole user experience. Make your emails stand out from the crowd and make the experience with you so positive, that your customers look forward to receiving your next email message!




You will have two types of customers: The ones that know you and the ones that are only just establishing a relationship with you.


Personalize your message to the customer journey. That way you will improve key metrics (such as opening and click through rates) and at the same time you ensure good leads for your sales team. This of course requires knowing your customers and at what place in their journey they are at the moment! There is no trade-off between good customer experience, good content and journey. You will have to consider all of these points for your next campaign. And depending on where your customer finds him or herself on their journey, you adapt content, look, and user experience.




might just be the thing you need to run successful email campaigns. Consider the following when starting drip campaigns:


which part of the customer journey are you trying to deliver to
do you know which “problem” the customers on that part of the journey are facing and can you provide a solution?
Are those customers ready to make a decision?
Can you answer the above questions? Then set your KPIs and start benchmarking
How do you get your customers to trust you?




Do you really want to send to every single person on your email list (in other words, do you want to burn money?)
Which customers are looking for which solutions?
Sort into fast buying leads and into decision making leads
If you push too hard, you might just end up in Spam
So segment, segment, segment!!




Through Email Marketing Automization you will always feed new valuable content at the right sort of intervals. Don’t overdo it! A bit of fine-tuning and feeling is absolutely necessary!
If the customer becomes more active, you can become more active too. So reading your metrics is important
Use robots to find out the best times and KPIs (most email programs offer automisation and metrics – if they don’t, they are not the right ones to use)
Don’t waste your time on things that computers can do for you. Focus on content, visual design, trust building and all the stuff that requires human intervention!

Maybe focusing on what creative humans are good at is what you’re lacking in your email strategy? Hire experts to do so and really put your time in creating interesting, valuable content at any time and not just in your email marketing. Apply the same methods across other channels and watch the results come in.