Follow these tips to boost your career…

You often hear about potential employees not being hired because of unprofessional behavior on social media. It’s obvious that party pictures, drinks in every corner and smokes on the side, don’t exactly paint a pretty image. If your future boss is doing a social background check on you, you want to be seen from your best side. And it’s actually possible to steer them into the right direction – and get you that job because of your Instagram and Facebook activities.


Follow these tips and boost your career through social media and you will turn out to be a better candidate and potential employee in no time.

Follow pages, people and publications in your industry

Actively following industry trends will impress your boss by showing that you continuously acquire new, relevant knowledge and that you’re always up-to-date.

Share and like relevant content

Sharing content that is interesting and applies to industry trends, will actively pop up on your profile. Your future boss or interviewer can follow your thoughts and explore your personality in a professional way. Be proactive and engage in discussions and don’t forget to be genuine while you’re at it.

High quality pictures

Make sure to remove all pictures, whether you uploaded them yourself or you’re tagged in them, that could bring you into a compromising position. Alcohol, drugs, or generally blurry or suggestive pictures, are an absolute no-go in the digital world.

Fill out your biography

Particularly on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook you’ll want a professional and personalized biography to connect. Also don’t forget to update and edit your content as you continue your professional career path.

Show off your portfolio

Whether you’re a marketer, designer, photographer or social media manager – make sure that you actively show off your achievements online. Being able to see a portfolio is essential for interviewers in order to see the quality of your work. Doing so will set you apart from other candidates.

Google yourself

Research yourself as if you were your own boss – there may be old platforms, posts or pictures you should not have publicly available.



People hire people. Connecting with any given person, whether it’s your best friend, colleague or future employer, are based on genuine and authentic interactions. Your willingness to present yourself to the outside world in a professional way, will show your surroundings that you have motivation, confidence, and a desire to thrive.