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Social Media has been around for just over a couple of decades and started gaining momentum with plattforms such as SixDegrees (founded in 1997), Hot or Not, Friendster, Myspace, Facemash which then turned into Facebook. And Facebook became the almost unstoppable catalyst, propelling Social Media to becoming a number one global and social trend.


With the huge selection of social media channels around, it is imperative for any business to choose the ones, that will gather the most interactions, feedback and reach.

And since social media is something most of us deal with on a daily basis (did you see our social media facts on Instagram by the way – interesting numbers! :)) we are compiling tipps over the next few weeks on what to do and what NOT to do on social media.

Some of these tipps might also be helpful for the teenagers at home – so share, share, share!



Optimize your profile


Your name on Social Media: 

Be you! Why would you create a name that hides you and your personality unless you don’t want to be found? If you want social media to help you gain reach, publicity and awareness for your product or service, you need to choose your name according to who you are. 



Your avatar: 

An avatar is the image that is supposed to present you to the online world. Some people chose an illustration, others chose a picture of them lying on the beach, we have seen some photographs of people holding up a glas of beer, smoking etc. Remember that everything on the internet is completely transparent and unless you do regular clean ups of your online tracks, pictures etc. can be found in one way or another. So why would you post an avatar that does not present you to the online and outside world in the best way possible? Especially if you are trying to sell a product, service, information etc. Your picture is similar to a business card – first impressions count! Go have one, two, three or even ten professional photographs that present you in an authentic but professional way taken and use those as your avatar. Set the focus in the right way when you crop the image. And especially important: Use the same picture on all of your social media accounts to ensure that people and businesses recognize you immediately. 



Your profile:

Of course you might say, ok I don’t just want to have a professional profile picture, I want to continue my likeability, trustworthiness and competence. So use a cover picture that tells something about you. It could also be something like a mantra, or a statement of empowerment, a picture of your family. Make sure whatever you choose – it needs to be professional and true to yourself! Tell a story about yourself and make sure it represents who you are. People will definitely look at your profile behind the avatar and may decide within seconds, whether you are worth pursuing or not. So make it an eye catcher – and always stick to your true authentic competent and sparkly self!




Add value to your social media profile and always take into account what will bring you forward and make you stand out more. Again: It is not about faking anything, it is definitely about staying true to yourself. So make your posts entertaining. Valuable. Share knowledge. Share posts, that mean something to you and underline your common life and business values. Provide information. Analyse. Explain. Provide solutions. 

And something that a lot of us miss: Create your very own posts that add resharing value! If you post something that is so great, informative or funny, that people say: „Wow I want to share this with my friends, families etc.“ – this then creates a wonderful snow ball effect and should be seen as recommendation and reciprocation branding! Remember: If you can post such great content that people risk their reputation by resharing, then you will have really passed the test of great content management and high level social media! So be diligent, trustworthy and authentic and bear in mind again, that everything you post should be shareable! Once you have reached that stage, you’ll have definitely earned the right to use social media as a marketing plattform. Which will help you step up to the next level in using to promote your upcoming workshop, book, new service and so on!


Look out for part two of our social media series and also our social media workshops which we will let you know about in one of our next postings! 

AND: Thank you for reading! See you soon peeps


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