we absolutely need to…

After having discussed the most important facts along the lines of „first impressions count“ we absolutely need to continue with audience engagement. So here we go:



How on earth will you engage your audience?


Well it’s not quite the million dollar question, but it could get you there if you do it right!

Be consistant and active, meaning, that you always have to be operative on Social Media! So don’t post 20 times a day and then nothing for 3 weeks. Your audience needs to know that you are a constant source of great content. And that content can be perfected by adhering to certain small rules that do work. Firstly, the length of your posts: Facebook should be around 2-3 sentences, using perky story telling style. Twitter is about leaving space for people to retweet, meaning your sentences should just be short impulses and create room for conversation. For content you are creating instead of curating write between 500 to 1000 words, think of it as a blog – which is also good for your search engines by the way. So start with some sentences that grab your audience’s attention to get them to scroll down further and read your whole content. 

Of course, you must use the right graphics, picture or if possible also a video! If it is only text, it might not be quite as engaging as the same text with an exciting picture or video. With smart phones being the way they are today, there is no excuse to not post a good picture. Find apps that’ll allow you to modify your image even on the go or give you the opportunity to select video clips and create one sequence video reel out of different clips with fade ins and outs. So there is no excuse! Go get some good pictures, hire a great advertising agency to support you with strategy and planning and get cracking!



We are all hungry!


…Including our social media feeds:

Do you remember the „yamaguchi“? Or „Tom the cat“ – when you didn’t feed them on time, they died. Social media applies the same principles. Don’t feed your feed or storyline – your audience will move elsewhere. 

So you might think that you are lacking ideas for content. There are several websites out there that feed great content. Remember it is not always about posting original content, sometimes it helps to repost and share interesting already proven posts to engage and activate your audience even further. If it is supposed to be original content, stick to a clear content strategy that helps boost your product or service. And when creating original content, be bold! Be progressive! Be creative! And a third important point: Interject personal pictures and videos! Show that you are human and genuine. Show a piece of you and your life. You will see, posts like that will always generate a flood of interest because people see the „non-business“ you, which usually everone is interested in.



Engage your fans and audience!


The more you post, the more activity you gather – the more comments and reactions you will get. Always search for @mentions of your name and company. Find out what people are saying and make sure to answer. Swoop in, provide assistance and be positive with your answers. There are not a lot of different options. Don’t make the mistake of writing negative comments, because some people might only see the negative comment and not read the rest of the information but still judge you. Not good for you. 

If you get toxic people and trolls attacking you, respond to their comments and make sure to not take them personally. Don’t go round for round like in the boxing ring by trying to convince and seeing who’s right and who’s wrong. Go for a maximum of 3 rounds. Don’t waste your time in trying to convince someone of something they might not want to or can’t see. And if the troll still wants to go on, just end the discussion with: „You know what? Let’s just agree to disagree“ and move on. So pick your „fights“ and comments wisely on Social Media, but make sure to respond! Even when someone really attacks you, keep your cool and don’t let them drag you into a negative cest pool of emotional reactions. 



Stay professional and avoid looking clueless.


Never buy followers or likes! Even though it might look as though you are more adepth at what you are providing or selling, you are effectively cheating! The followers are not real, so it’s unethical and whimpy. And you might have a ton of followers and very few likes. So people will realize that the followers are fake. Does NOT look good!

Also, don’t ask for reposting or sharing. If what you are doing is great, you will not have to ask, it’ll just happen. If your content is outstanding, people will automatically share. If you are asking questions like: How many likes can this picture get? Or please repost…people will think: Well, if he/she is that great at what he/she is doing, why on earth would he ask for a reshare? Again: it will not make you look good. So best to just leave it.

When people unfollow you, don’t take it personally, don’t talk about it, just move on and keep posting great stuff. And if you unfollow someone, don’t make a big thing of it, just do it and move on. Simple as that. Or would you stand up in front of your office and tell your colleagues: Oh, Steven has unfollowed me on Facebook / Instagram etc.? Would you scream it from the rooftops? Surely not. So why do it on Social Media??

Promotion on your personal accounts: Don’t overdo it with promotion…if you have released a book or a new video or whatever else…post once or twice about it and then post something personal, reshare some posts, do something funny etc. This is what will engage your audience more than if you’re constantly writing about your products/services and the like. Keep a ratio of 1:20 – that would keep everything in a good balance and will help the promotion of your activities rather than hamper them.

Don’t call yourself an expert or a guru. If you are one of them, people will do that to you anyway. And that way it is much more genuine and authentic as well as honourable. 

So, I guess that’s enough input for today. Look out for part III of our „Rock your social media series“ and if our advice rings a bell with you then implement it as soon as you can!

Part III will follow soon. We’ll keep you posted! Thank you for joining us on this journey


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