Particularly in the beginning phases, you have to…

…deal with plenty of challenges. Here are some ideas and tips on how you can make sure that your phases of stress and demotivation are overcome with ease.
As an entrepreneur, particularly in the beginning phases, you have to deal with plenty of challenges. Every step of the way, there may be hurdles to overcome, moments of doubt and your levels of stress skyrocket. It’s important to find motivation and to stay motivated – intrinsically. This means that nobody else should be the main reason for you to keep going, but that you have to find your motivation from the inside. Intrinsic motivation is the main building block to achieve lasting motivation.


Here are some ideas and tips on how you can make sure that your phases of stress and demotivation are overcome with ease:


1. Make Time for Yourself

You have a list of things to do that just keeps getting bigger every day. Finished one task? Great. The next one awaits. One of the biggest challenges nowadays is the ability to find the „off switch“ and to relax outside of work. Even if your profession and your business are your true callings – you need to find a balance in life in order to keep going for a long time. These little tips will help you find and maintain focus:

  • maintain balance: the trick is to take regular breaks from it all. Take a mental health day, a short vacation and you’ll be as good as new.
  • Don’t skip your routines – have regular meals, take walking breaks, don’t skip lunch.
  • Pick up a new hobby – it will help you implement something enjoyable into your daily life and give you a break from work.



2. Network with Like-Minded People

It may take only one person to start a business, but it takes a lot of people to build and maintain the success of your business. It’s important that you start networking from day one and build a pool of like-minded people. Whether that’s in the same niche or not is up to you: you may find opportunities with people from other corners of the market as well, so don’t write them off just yet.



3. Vision and Mission

One thing that will definitely help keep your motivation afloat is to have a clear vision and a mission for your business. Not knowing what exactly you’re working towards can be difficult and daunting and doesn’t exactly scream business-savvy either. It’s important to know what your long-term vision is. Plus, a business without a vision is like a human without a soul.


4. Enjoy small achievements

Like with anything in life, it’s important to not only focus on your end goal, but to appreciate the little success stories in between. Each accomplishment is a stepping stone towards your big goal. Don’t forget to enjoy and appreciate those small achievements.



5. Get enough sleep

This sounds like a no brainer but is often much underrated and overlooked: sleep. High quality, uninterrupted and a decent amount of sleep. Sleep does not only direct your physical, but also your mental health. Not getting enough of it, will directly influence your mood and correlate with your motivation as well. Therefore, sleep equals a happy mind, a happy body and a happy you!



Motivation is important for everyone, but particularly important when you own your own business. These tips will give you a motivational boost and help you become proud of what you’ve achieved, whilst always looking ahead!