a guide to user-oriented design

Done with Learning? Never! This is especially true in the field of digital technology. To “stop learning” is simply not possible. In order to always be up to date as an advertising agency, it is not only necessary to continuously research current trends, but also to deal with them intensively.

For those of you who are looking to quench their thirst for knowledge about UX-Design and WordPress 5.0, this blog post provides a quick overview of the latest news.

So, what is UX-Design?

User Experience Design, or UX Design for short, is responsible for providing the customer with a perfect product. The goal is user satisfaction and thus to generate sales. As webshops like Amazon, booking platforms like booking.com or streaming providers like Netflix show – their product is their service. And the better this service is, the happier the customer and the more sucessful the company itself is. A negative experience on an online service can lead to a loss of trust in the product and hence also in the brand.

WordPress 5.0 and the Gutenberg Editor

WordPress is regularly updated to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction and to strenghten customer trust and loyality to the product. The CMS provider concentrated its efforts on a good and successful UX-Design implementing the requests and demands of the users. WordPress 5.0 is another step in the digital evolution, the biggest change being the Gutenberg Editor.


But what is the Gutenberg Editor?

Apart from the new and simpler design, it is now possible to create a contribution, a website or an event with simple, easy-to-use buiding-blocks. This allows for any kind of element, such as a text element or a YouTube video, to simply be added and edited as a block. WordPress 5.0 thus enables a completely individual design of the website. There are (almost!) no limits to the user’s creativity.


The Gutenberg Editor is a complete revision of the WordPress CMS system, whereby many of the lesser known CMS systems which we can find on the market, are also following and have already implemented this “building-blocks system”.


Just try out the new editor yourself – you’ll be impressed by the multitude of possibilities! We at artdirection4u have been working with the Gutenberg Editor since end of 2018 and are happy to share with you tips and tricks on how to use it.


If your thirst for knowledge is not yet satisfied, then stay tuned for our UX-Design and WordPress 5 Workshops – a guide to user-oriented design coming up soon on ad4u Academy. For further details and other interesting workshops visit www.artdirection4u.com/workshops.