Find out why print media still matters and how it can help your business.

We consume a sheer endless stream of digital news and information on a day to day basis. It’s not hard to see that the world is becoming more and more wrapped up in the digital age, leaving behind the less technology-advanced traditional ways. Needless to say, print media has to compete to stay alive, even though its value is still high. If we allow the printed word to dive into oblivion and soley focus on online content, our grandchildren will experience an all digital future and hear about analog books in their history podcasts. This is a wake up call. We are digitally drunk and we need to get sober.




1.Trust in the printed word

Let’s be real. Would you rather trust a message in an online portal or trust in an article printed in your local newspaper?

People are much more inclined to believe in the printed word, rather than a tweet or a Facebook post. This has to do with the fact that literally anyone can post to the internet, alter their comments, copy statements, and spread rumors. With printed media, you’d like to imagine that there is somebody qualified enough behind the words to hold the power to actually print something. According to various studies, more than 55% of consumers trust print marketing more than its digital component. Convincing enough!


2. Undivided attention

In the online word, you are confronted with a continous stream of visual input. A banner here, an ad there, a long text in the middle, a URL linking to another site in the blink of an eye.

The power of print, which makes it so incredibly valuable, is its power to hold the reader’s undivided attention. You are less likely to multitask when reading a newspaper or magazine content, as opposed to navigating digital content.


3. Time spent involved

Your customers will be much more likely to spend time focusing on your printed magazine, rather than the two minutes the average reader spends on an online article. This leaves a more lasting imprint, giving your business a chance to be embedded in your audience’s mind for more than a second.


4. Print is memorable

Communicating your advertisement in print has a much stronger memorability factor. Print holds a much higher retention rate than digital content.


5. It helps you direct your audience

Ever thought of using print as means of directing your audience to your online shop? Print is an ideal opportunity for pointing your target audience to your digital presence. QR codes are just the beginning of a highly effective, targeted marketing strategy that combines printed and digital media.

Fact is: digital campaigns will be more effective if they are complemented with printed ads and the other way around. Both strategies will entice the audience to interact with your brand online and offline.


A 101 reasons

There are a hundred and one reasons why print marketing still matters and why we are far from pushing it off the cliff just yet.

You don’t have to choose just one strategy. Combining your print and digital efforts will result in a much higher brand awareness and increase your brand identity. Print lingers and takes your customers on a lasting journey.

Capture your readers both digitally as well as through print. This way you will gain much more reach of interest and make a lasting impact. Take a step forward by taking a conscious step back. Adding print marketing can help it stay relevant. We don’t want our grandchildren to find old tweets on the attic computer, rather than a dusty, old diary, do we?