We love all things beautiful, symmetrical and attention grabbing. Our artwork is done with our inhouse design and graphics team who really pride themselves on their work. Every website, CI, visualization, brochure, campaign etc. is created after really getting to know you and the company behind it. We take time to learn about you and your product before starting anything. This approach guarantees the maximum of efficiency and customized output! Passion is everything and everywhere. So come on board and feel it!

Your key element to your visual communication strategy and branding is your CI or Corporate Idendity. As an experienced and passionate team of designers, marketeers and communication specialists we analyze your goals, your market, your target group and then develop a strategy and concept that will bring you the results you need: A corporate design that will wow you and your customers.

All things beautiful and lovely mean nothing without a good strategy backing it up. Whether you are a start up or you have been in business for many years – a visual communication and marketing strategy is a must in today’s over-saturated market. Let us share our expertise and let’s create that awesome strategy together!

Here it is – the Logo that is supposed to represent your business to the outside world for many years. This key visual is an integral part of all of your corporate literature, communication strategy, digital and offline marketing activities. We spend the time to analyze your markets, target group, product or company and the people behind it all. Then we sit down and create some wonderful designs. We come and meet you again (and hopefully drink some coffee together) and mull over which one of the visuals would suit best. And we guarantee you, there will be one that will just blow you away. That is usually the one that sticks. Let’s embark on that journey together!

We would like to tell you a little secret about concepts: It is actually to start with, a general notion or idea. This idea needs to have a way of growing and having a chance of implementation. It is really the brain storming part of a communication strategy and comes before everything else. This super exciting phase preceeds the implementation phase. So our creativity comes to play and we write and visualize the idea to bring it to life! And as mentioned: Our limit isn’t the sky, it is only or own creativity. And we don’t like being limited.

Oh yes, they are still needed! How else do you want to let prospective customers see what you are offering? Awesome responsive website designs, all of them individualized combined with outstanding technical implementation with the most up-to-date scripting languages and server infrastructure is what we offer. SEO and SEA are done by our partners, who we know and love as if they were part of our own team. So really, not a whole lot can go wrong. Are you interested in a quote? We would even love to come and visit you. We have the travelling bug, so no worries. Or you visit our lovely offices in Kufstein, Austria and enjoy a bit of the Sound of Music at the same time.

Don’t you just love telling your stories through outstanding photography? Whether you need an artdirector to support your chosen photographer or you prefer having artdirection4u create a concept, organize a photographer to suit your needs and then guide him or her at the photo shoot. We love bringing your business to life through absolutely awesome visual story-telling and have the expertise and network to do so.

Sometimes all you need is someone to show you the way or guide you along the way especially when it comes to rolling out the strategy, implementing ideas and working out a direction for the next couple of years. Consulting is kind of like our second nature. We do love hearing ourselves talk, but we promise, it’s not hot air. Consultancy brings it all together and helps you stay focussed along the path. Our CEO will personally take care of you when it comes to any sort of consultancy. So give us a call, we promise, we will let you speak to her.